Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

Client Survey Results 2013

“CCC continues to provide excellent counselling services to those in need" 

According to a survey conducted over the past 12 months, where clients were asked to respond anonymously to questions about how CCC has helped them to explore their issues and make positive changes, 85% of those who responded said that they were completely happy with the service they received.  This is the result of over 30 years of support provided by CCC, which aims to help individuals, organisations and counsellors, by providing talking therapies, training and caring development, during which time CCC has developed a reputation for high standards and integrity.  

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Clients were also asked for their comments about the service they received, which were overwhelmingly positive. Hera are just a few of the additional comments received.

  • "I felt very supported at what was a difficult time for me and I was able to lengthen the period of consultations over a time frame that I felt benefited me.
  • "Found that my counsellor, once I could relax excellent.  Got out of a big black hole with their help.
  • "A big thank you! Helped me enormously.
  • "My counsellor has been wonderful. They have given me a reservoir of knowledge for me to draw on in future life. I would not be where I am now without their counselling.
  • "Just to add that I feel I have truly benefited from my sessions with my counsellor and would not resist recommending the service to others, or to return myself if I feel the need.

If you are looking for support with any personal or work-related challenges, contact CCC on 01223 233047 if you live in the Cambridge area, or 01733 553166 for a Peterborough based service. 

If your organisation would like to help support your workforce, please e-mail our Business Development Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07906 878488 for further information.

During these testing times, demand for CCC’s services has increased significantly and we are now looking to recruit new counsellors to help expand our support network further. We are looking for qualified, or part-qualified counsellors, who are committed to providing quality and confident services on our behalf.