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Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

Client Survey Results 2014

CCC provides excellent service yet again to counselling clients

According to the most recent survey of those who received counselling from Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling in 2014, the overwhelming majority are completely satisfied with the service they have received.  Clients were asked to respond anonymously to questions about their counsellor and how they had helped them to address their problems.  97% of respondents said that they were satisfied that their counsellor understood their problems and made them feel listened to, and 99% declared that they were satisfied that they were able to explore all of their issues, felt they understood their situation better, and that the process enabled them to make changes. 

Clients were also invited to comment about the service and care they received.  Here are just a few...

  • "My counsellor made me feel completely safe and listened so attentively."
  • "She couldn't have done more to help me relax and feel accepted."
  • "I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to my counsellor for the help and support she has given me."
  • "My sessions helped me get perspective and I feel now able to get my life back on track.  Thank you so much."
  • "My counselling sessions have been really worthwhile.  She has given me lots of useful tools to help with my situation."
    In these challenging times, when many feel under excessive pressure at work and in their home lives, it is essential that people feel able to talk to someone, who will help them to put their issues into perspective and give them the tools and confidence to make positive changes to improve their situation.  CCC has worked with people in Cambridgeshire since 1978 to enrich the lives of others, providing much needed support either through their employer, or directly as a private client.  This year we have also been able to provide support for those working with other charities to support their carers and volunteers, by working with organisations such as Little Miracles in Peterborough.



If you are looking for support with any personal or work-related challenges, contact your nearest reception. 

                 Cambridge - 01223 233047    or    Peterborough - 01733 553166


If your organisation would like to support your workforce, contact our Business Development Manager. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07906 878488)


If you are a qualified or part-qualified counsellor who would like to join our team in providing excellent care, we welcome you.  Contact us via the CCC Membership page on this website.