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Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

Workplace wellbeing makes commercial sense! Reduce absence levels, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and loyalty, and fulfil your duty of care to support the mental health of your staff… all with minimal investment.


CCC counselling sessions are competitively priced as all of our counsellors are qualified, security checked and undergo regular continued professional development. 

The client will receive an initial assessment session, which will last up to an hour and a half, and will be charged at £60.  Subsequent counselling sessions will last a therapeutic hour and are charged at £50 per session.  A standard agreement must be in place before the sessions are arranged and your business will be invoiced monthly for the sessions used.

Usually a client will arrange an assessment plus 6 counselling sessions in the first instance, which is usually sufficient for progress to be made.  Occasionally the client and counsellor will agree that further sessions are required and permission will be sought from the named contact at your business to authorise the funding.

Therefore, a set of sessions for one person over 7 weeks will usually cost just £360.

In the first instance, contact the Business Development Manager ( to set up an agreement.  Once the signed agreement is received, you will be assigned a reference number format.  Then each time you need to refer a member of staff, simply assign a reference number to that client, ask them to call CCC's reception and counselling will be arranged from there.  Your business will be invoiced monthly for any sessions they have received.

Provided that the member of staff gives their counsellor 2 days' notice, you will not be charged for the sessions that they did not attend.  You only pay for the counselling your staff have received.  There are no minimum payments or retainer fees with CCC.

Confidentiality is extremely important to maintain the trust between client and counsellor.  Therefore, the information we can provide is limited to how many sessions your staff attended, whether they have made progress, and whether the client and counsellor agree that additional sessions would be useful.

We encourage staff to speak to their HR or Occupational Health teams where appropriate to keep them informed about their progress, but CCC will not pass on any information about what has been discussed in the counselling sessions unless the client specifically asks us to do so.

Each client is asked to complete a satisfaction survey at the end of their counselling sessions and the results of all clients are consolidated into an annual report to maintain their anonymity.  The results are supplied to your business during an annual review, where you will be invitied to give feedback to CCC about our service.

CCC provides a range of services to businesses

- Face to face counselling

- Stress management workshops

- Mindfulness training

- Bereavement and trauma support

- Mental health awareness groups

- Dealing with change workshops and individual sessions

- Reflective pratice to support line managers deal with staff who have mental health issues or exhibit challenging behaviours.

Contact to find out more and discuss your individual needs.

Counselling sessions for your staff usually take place at the private practice of the counsellor and where possible out of working hours.  The CCC receptionist will discuss the most convenient arrangements for the client and find a suitable counsellor according to their geographical location, availability and nature of their problem, along with any special requirements such as counsellor gender or wheelchair access.  We have enough counsellings working with CCC to find a suitable appointment within a few days,

Where appropriate, you may choose to invite a CCC to your premises to provide counselling.  You must provide a suitable room in a discreet location and additional charges apply to cover travelling time and expenses.  If you require on-site counselling, please contact to discuss the arrangements.

CCC has been providing counselling and CPD training for counsellors since 1978.  All of our counsellors are professionally trained, supervised, subject to annual DBS checks and undergo regular continued professional development.  The membership criteria to join CCC is very strict, requiring proof of qualifications and experience, as well as an interview process.  All CCC counsellors are registered with either BACP, UKCP, NCS or equivalent and most are also accredited.  CCC is also an organisational member of BACS, ensuring that all counsellors adhere to their standards of codes and ethics.

If you have any clinical concerns regarding process or quality of care, you can discuss them confidentially with our Co-ordinator of Counselling.