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Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

General Counselling for Organisations

CCC offers counselling services to organisations whose staff may be suffering from mental health problems, temporary trauma, or home and work-related stress which may have or is likely to impact upon the workplace.  Counselling is beneficial for both staff and employers, in that it helps clients to identify and manage their challenges in a more proactive way and from an employer's point of view: 
  • limits sickness absence (which costs UK employers over £12 billion a year according to the HSE)
  • supports managers in dealing with staff who exhibit challenging behaviours
  • is a useful complement to processes of performance management, change management and redundancy
  • helps to fulfil an employer's duty of care to their staff member
  • confirms to staff that you value their contribution, which boosts morale and results in staff loyalty
  • can support staff in the realisation that they may be more suited to alternative careers or workplaces 

Quality of Service

  • CCC has around 40 different counsellors working across Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties at any one time, all of whom are experienced and qualified BACP, UKCP or NCS members working to BACP standards and codes of ethics and practice.  
  • All CCC counsellors are fully supervised and supported, carry out annual DBS checks and ongoing CPD,
  • All counselling sessions are in strict confidence but at the end of the course of sessions, where appropriate, the employee may be encouraged to speak to HR or OH about the way forward.
  • After the counselling is complete, the employee will be asked to complete a feedback survey regarding their experience of the service and the consolidated results are communicated to the employer.
  • CCC works as either the sole provider of counselling for an organisation or in conjunction with an Employee Assistance Programme or external Occupational Health Provider to provide an all-round service to staff.
  • CCC works with a wide variety of private, public and third sector organisations with diverse needs and operateds a flexible approach to support their requirements.  Please ask if you have any specific needs.
  • As well as general counselling, CCC also offers a number of specialist counselling services and proactive initiatives to benefit staff mental health and wellbeing. 

Value for Money

  • Fees operate on a 'pay as you use' basis with no minimum or maximum number of referrals in any given period.
  • CCC offers standard packages of an initial assessment of up to ninety minutes, plus 6 or 12 one-hour counselling sessions as required.
  • An organisation only pays for the counselling sessions that an employee has attended and an employee can stop the service whenever they wish.
  • There are no up-front fees, retainers, admin fees or contract cancellation fees.  Provided adequate notice is given of cancellation, an organisation only pays for the counselling sessions undertaken.
  • CCC offers face to face and telephone counselling.  If you require Skype or Facetime counselling, please enquire about this service.
  • The intial assessment fee is £60 and subsequent counselling sessions are charged at £50 each (since 2011). 

How it works

  • CCC wiill not undertake counselling sessions without your prior authorisation.
  • Once a short agreement has been signed, you will refer staff for counselling as and when required.
  • No further input is needed from your organisation until the invoice is received unless you have queries.
  • Invoices are sent monthly in arrears and payment terms are 30 days.
  • Your Business Development Manager is available for support and advice, including attending your wellbeing events. 
If you would like to find out more about how CCC can help you to support your staff by providing ann independant counselling service, please contact the Business Development Manager on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..