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Your chance to make a difference!

First appearing in 2014 and now running in over 70 countries worldwide, #GivingTuesday is your opportunity after the commercial excesses of Black Friday and preparations for Christams, to take a moment to think about helping others.  It prompts you to think about your favourite charities and invites you to make a donation to them (of either time, goods or money) to enable their good work to continue.

You choose

It's your choice how you help.  It could be spending a few hours at your local shelter, soup kitchen or community centre, maybe by arranging a fundraising event to raise money for and awareness of your favourite charity, perhaps clear out a wardrobe and donate to your local charity shop, or it could be simply making an online donation.

However you choose to help, please get involved.

Why get involved?

Life in not about just you as an individual.  You are surrounded by and affected by those around you, both those who are close to you and those you have never met.  Making life better for someone else impacts on you as an individual in a positive way.  Ask any charity volunteer why they get involved and their answers are likely to include things like

  • making a positive impact on the lives of others
  • making a difference makes you feel better
  • I have been lucky and I want to help those who are less fortunate than I am
  • I have been affected by this problem but am in a better place now so I want others the opportunity I had
  • I want to give back


In fact, most volunteers say that they often get more out of the experience than those they are helping by

  • meeting interesting and experienced people
  • learning from others and gaining new skills
  • feeling useful and valued
  • working together and feeling part of something
  • connecting with and understanding those who have differing life experiences
  • creating new opportunities and trying new ideas
  • being in charge of one's own destiny
  • being out of one's comfort zone
  • doing something because you want to, not because you have to
  • giving effectively and directly
  • putting money to good use instead of frittering it away on stuff one doesn't need
  • connecting people who need help with those who can provide it

In times when many are seeking purpose and fulfillment, supporting charities is a good place to start.  Volunteers we spoke to also said that they get more out of helping local and small charities where they can see the direct impact of their fundraising and actions and feel they have a more direct relationship with the charity and those they are helping.

Please give to CCC

CCC helps anyone needing counselling support in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties by providing counselling sessions at an affordable rate according to their personal circumstances.  In the past year, we have provided more charitable counselling sessions than ever before, and with public mental health services struggling to cope, the need for your help has never been greater.

If you are a qualified and experienced counsellor or clinical supervisor, why not join CCC as a counselling member?

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If you work for an organisation that would like to help your staff, find out about our counselling and other mental health client services

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If you would like to help those in need in your community by giving financially, 

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